"He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30

I am a Youth Pastor in Louisville, Kentucky. I work specifically with students who are interested in art and design, encouraging them to marry their interests & talents with the commission God has placed on their lives. Prior to going full time in vocational ministry, I earned a living as a designer and commercial filmmaker.

Design is a process, not an aesthetic. I view "design" as a system of thought that can be applied to any problem or discipline. My friends and I practice what we call hyper-conscious design, positing that taste and attention-to-detail can compensate for lack of resource.

I enjoy teaching design workshops and helping others apply principles of good design to their work. Scripture indicates that God desires for us to live purposed lives, structured with intention. Good health and practiced mindfulness are important components of this lifestyle.

Email: mike@themikevance.com

Instagram: @mikevance