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About CyberConnect

CyberConnect is web3’s earliest and biggest decentralized social network that enables developers to create social applications empowering users to own their digital identity, content, connections, and monetization channels. It consists of three user-focused features: CyberProfile, a decentralized identity standard that provides access to web3; CyberConnect Social Graph, which links your digital identity, data, content, and friends; and CyberWallet, a smart contract wallet that provides an easy onboarding experience to web3 social.

Founded by a Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneurial team in 2021, there are already over 50 projects that are using CyberConnect to build social features for real-world use cases, such as community-owned social networks, marketplaces, content curation, discovery tools, and more.

As of Aug 2023, the CyberConnect protocol has 1.25M user profiles, and 400k monthly active wallets have conducted more than 16M transactions. Over 2,300 verified organizations, including Arbitrum, DyDx, Rarible, BNB Chain, and CoinMarketCap, created their CyberProfiles to build their web3 native audience. CyberConnect’s flagship social app, Link3, has 940k monthly active users.

CyberConnect is backed by Multicoin and Animoca Brands, among other top investors, and has raised over $25 million since its inception. For more information, visit cyberconnect.me.

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CyberConnect envisions a world where we have ultimate control over our digital lives and identity, and meaningful, long lasting connections aren’t decided by centralized or biased tech.


We are a Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneurial team with 7 years of long-term commitment to social, web3, and blockchain.

In 2017, the same team founded Lino blockchain and built DLive.tv, the biggest blockchain-based live streaming platform. We achieved more than 1 million daily active users for DLive and exclusively partnered with PewDiePie, the most subscribed YouTuber then. BitTorrent acquired Lino and DLive in early 2020.

Lino and DLive was our venture to build the infrastructure for a better content economy and, ultimately, for meaningful social experiences.

The same ethos has got us here for CyberConnect.


There’s a thriving ecosystem of over 50 dApps that have already integrated with CyberConnect and are building social network features in diverse real use cases that can onboard mass users to web3.



CyberConnect has successfully raised two rounds of funding, totaling over $25M, backed by leading investors, including Multicoin Capital, Animoca Brands, Sky9, Binance Labs, Delphi Digital, Protocol Labs, IOSG Ventures, Tribe Capital, Spartan Group, Polygon Studios, Lattice, Hashed, GGV Capital, Amber Group, etc.