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"Why do you have to do this with NFT?"

OnePlanet is a team that constantly asks these questions and builds an ecosystem where NFT can deliver true value.

It currently has 26 enthusiastic team members and is growing fast enough to attract investment from global top tier companies to more than 70 billion won in just three months after its establishment.

We successfully launched NFT Marketplace in January last year, and in the future, we will continue to trade in leading projects along with various functional updates within the platform to expand the utilization of NFT.


NFT Partner Project


Amount to attract investment (Seed Round)


Monthly Active Users (2023.02)


Ecosystem for Holders to Define and Realize Utilities of NFT

OnePlanet creates an ecosystem where NFT owners can define and expand utilities themselves, creating a world where people are rewarded fairly based on the value they create.


OnePlanet = “A platform that creates and connects opportunities to leverage NFT”

OnePlanet believes that NFT has three improvements.