Q1: Is this project still working? (From Discord: mize

A1: of course.It‘s on Roadmap, always.

Q2: Can we have a statistical data what are the frequently asked questions for the Mirror NFTs? Because I'm curious about what people are asking with their mirrors. A just for fun proposal only. (Honestly, I've been running out of questions to my mirror, I think I'm going crazy asking the same questions) (From Discord: Nosaj

A2: I don't think the project team will do this for the privacy of the users, but if many people are curious, maybe we can do an activity to count them, or you can send your questions and chat logs to the 「🎉」talk-to-your-mirror channel

**Q3:this was asked yesterday, if we sold a mirror with exp not maxed yet will the current exp be carried over to the next owner or no?(**From Discord: klicktrick)

A3: conversation exp will be transferred, but conversation records will not be seen

**Q4:are we set to start the alpha anytime next week or we gonna wait a bit more?(**From Discord: klicktrick)

A4: team is doing team testing, although it is the first test many scenes and actions can not be added, we also hope that you can have a better experience, so you may need to wait, but I think it is almost ready!

**Q5:GM...I was just wondering if there was any ETA on the hardware wallet connection issue? As it happens I've also got quality control issues with my Ledger ATM too and am thinking about transferring everything to a gnosis safe. Are Gnosis, or even Ardent wallets compatible with the game and the NFTs(**From Discord: iknowdavid.eth

**A5:**Thanks a lot for your suggestion, we will do some research on gnosis first (including the scope and usage of gnosis, etc.). We are currently working on the adaptation of the Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets, and will try to get hardware wallet holders to join the MW community as soon as possible.