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LOOM is a platform helping women optimize their sexual and reproductive wellbeing.

Weaving together education, community, empathy and science, LOOM is building an ecosystem to help women thrive in their bodies at every stage of their lives.

💪 We’re a high-performing and highly-empathetic team of people who proudly work on fulfilling our mission of empowering women to thrive in their bodies through sexual and reproductive health education and content.

🔎 We’re human-centered, research driven, rigorous, and creative. We work towards stretch goals and empower our team by providing a clear vision and the tools to fulfill it. We believe that hiring smart, thoughtful, emotionally intelligent people and giving them ownership of their work leads to the best results.

🌎 We’re doing work that matters and want to change the world for women. As a certified B-Corp we’re not only interested in our economic success but continually work to support organizations and efforts that fight for Reproductive Justice and health equity.