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Customer Success Associate

Let pediatricians focus on the kids. We do the rest.

Canid is an early-stage startup that works with pediatricians to make it easy for them to give vaccines. Our product helps physicians lower their overall internal costs by 25+%, improve their vaccination rates, and simplify their vaccination record management, all in one fell swoop.

With the COVID-19 vaccine rolling out for children this year, the entire system is facing unprecedented strain. We're currently working with NY State officials and pediatric practices all over NYC's metro area to help support the rollout of the COVID vaccine for children as it leaves clinical trials in the summer.

Our ethos and values

We built Canid because we believe vaccinating shouldn't be hard, and it shouldn't be a distraction from what's most important: taking care of the kids. Canid was founded by the son & partner of a pediatric gynecologist and is built and supported by leaders from key healthcare organizations.

Today's healthcare system is plagued by administrative burden so severe it's killing private practices and driving the formation of hospital oligopolies. This is bad for patients, doctors, and payers alike. At Canid, we're driven by the value and importance of supporting private pediatric practices and ensuring robust supply economics in pediatric care.

About our team

Our team brings together experts in SMB & health tech, with a proven track record of building scalable enterprises. We are passionate and deeply invested in building a better healthcare system - one that works for patients and doctors alike.

Pedro, Emilio, Ceylan, and Kennedy are the core team at Canid. We combine our experience building scalable healthcare technologies with an understanding of business economics to build durable, impactful solutions.

We recently closed a round of funding joined by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, FJ Labs, On Deck, along with senior leadership at NYC Health + Hospitals, Columbia University, Telenor Health, Segment, Google, & more.