This Notion template is designed to help you build a single-session adventure using the eight steps from Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master. Duplicate and edit your copy of this page for your own single-page eight-step prep sheet.

Inspire your adventure with the tables in the Lazy DM's Workbook and the Lazy DM's Companion.

For a larger campaign, consider the full Lazy DM's Notion Campaign Template.


Fill in the table below with information about the characters. Think about how you can tailor the adventure around their backgrounds and drives.


Strong Start

What's your strong start? What powerful event draws the players into the game? What happens right at the beginning of the session?

Strong Start


What scenes might occur in the game? Keep a loose grip on these. The game can go anywhere!

Secret and Clues

What ten secrets and clues might the characters uncover? Secrets might be related to the characters, NPCs, locations, bits of history, or quests. Drop in secrets as appropriate during the game.