Maybe you’ve read the blog, played OPCraft, or heard the buzz on Twitter… Now you’re ready to learn more about the OP Stack!

🧐 What is the OP Stack

OP Stack is a modular, open-source blueprint for highly scalable, highly interoperable blockchains of all kinds. Not just rollup. Not just optimistic.

The OP Stack is a bet on the ingenuity of the entire Ethereum community. Learn more in our announcement blog here:

Introducing the OP Stack

More of a video person?

Optimism's OP Stack

💡The ideas behind OP Stack

Now that you’ve learned about what OP Stack is, here’s the why:

Modular Rollup Theory Through the Lens of the OP Stack

👷‍♂️ Trying out the OP Stack

The OP Stack is under active development. The next step is the Optimism Bedrock release, scheduled for early 2023. Since Optimism is entirely open source, you can actually check it out today:

If you want to see how Lattice made OPCraft happen, check out MUD!

Have an idea that you want to bring to life on an op-chain? Get in touch.