Updated 12/04/22

During RADAR’s proof of community stage, we’re running a proto-seasonal model called cycles.

Cycles are designed to move at different speeds within a larger Call to Adventure. Like cogs in a machine, cycles can run at different speeds, giving autonomy and focus to goal setting within sub-focuses. Rather than a large themed seasonal model (usually running on a quarterly basis)

To reach proof of community, our first focus is to prove our ability to discover, incubate and meaningfully deliver the future.

There are 3 cycles to do this:

  1. Discover - Establish and refine the RADAR research process to deliver a collective futures report
  2. Incubate - Incubate a collective futures hypothesis through a rapid ideation process, hackathons or prototyping stage
  3. **Deliver - **Launch a future, through internal or external clients briefs &/or a community owned product / idea incubated through the incubation stage

Each cycle requires different tools, individuals and collective energy. Cogs running at different speeds, at different scales, with different automation.

Below is a roadmap for cycle #1: Discover — as well as a brief overview of focuses in cycle #2 and cycle #3.

We’ll continue to update this as we go. Contact Fancy | PRTN#4355 for a more detailed roadmap & task timeline.


Welcoming all Future Finders & Future Explorers


Each working squad will have a different and more intricate roadmap, however you can see the key tasks below.

APRIL RADAR Cycle #1 Public Launch
APRIL Futurist Recruitment and Onboarding
APRIL/MAY Finalize curation mechanics & metrics for identifying strong signals
APRIL/MAY Finalise Research Process
APRIL/MAY Finalize Biz Dev opportunities
MAY Finalize & build materials/workshops for RADAR research process
MAY Identify community decided research brief for RADAR research project
MAY Launch signals.radar website for Community curation
MAY Set Live community brief
MAY / JUNE Run RADAR Research process
JUNE Produce Collective Futures research Report
JUNE Establish collective futures hypothesis
JUNE Finalize & Plan Incubation Process Stage
JUNE Trend Presentation


Welcoming all Future Incubators & Builders