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🤩 What is learner advocacy?

Advocating for learners means you put the interests and outcomes of the learner first. Everyone learns more because of your presence and actions. It means considering fellow learners as collaborators working towards mutual success. It is knowledge sharing, participation, and learning in public.

<aside> 🚧 The concept of “learner advocacy” isn’t new. There’s a shed load of scholarly material that I know exists but haven’t read. That’s something we can draw from, though it’s general related to K-12 education so how it applies will be interesting. I suspect in the same way that Understanding by Design broadly applies the academic oriented notion of learner advocacy will as well. @Joel Hooks


The primary role of the Learner Advocate is to help the learner [...] navigate the learning ecosystem in service of their personalized goals through the coordination of experiences, resources, and people. Ultimately, we hope the advocate can support a learning pathway that enables the student to reach their potential. The advocate serves as a bridge between “the system” and the community, both locally and globally. [...] Through the monitoring and management of supplemental tools, the advocate ensures access to relevant and timely information that is updated frequently as the landscape evolves. -Reschool Colorado Learner Advocacy Program

🤔 Why be a Learner Advocate?

Practicing Learner Advocacy will enhance your own learning experience. The most effective way to learn is to teach. And the best time to teach is immediately after you've just learned the thing. It is an extremely good practice and will lead directly to increased career opportunities. It puts you squarely inside a Community of Practice where you can learn and grow with your peers.

Helping other people feels really good.

The skills of a Learner Advocate directly apply to a Career in Developer Relations/Advocacy 🥑 and being a collaborative developer on any team.

😎 What is a learner advocate?

Learner Advocates are individuals that want to learn in public and are compensated by egghead to attend and participate in events as well as reviewing recorded video workshops.

A learner advocate is learning in public. They enjoy the act of learning, taking notes, understanding new concepts, and helping other people.

A learner advocate is a collaborator.

Most learner advocates are active online. Some might even have a blog, or have thought about starting one (and becoming a learner advocate is the perfect excuse to start one now!)

Learner advocates can be just starting out or they can be well established experts. Learning never stops.

Learner advocates apply their existing knowledge and skills to new concepts.

Learner advocates want to understand.