I hope Zouzoukwa will become an ecosystem built and owned by the community.

The first step I have in mind is zouzoukwa.africa, a collaborative platform to learn about African cultures through emojis, collectively built by people rewarded with the project's token for their contributions.

How will the platform work?

The emojis page is an example of how it could work, with other Web3 inspired concepts.

Emoji proposals

Emojis ideas will be submitted as proposals with info about the represented elements. Picture(s) of the element, countries where it's found, a design sketch and a little text to say why it should be added as en emoji.

The Emoji Race

Once an emoji proposal is submitted, it will be added to the Emoji Race***** and voted by the community. As soon as the emoji is approved, an emoji page is created and open for content submission for a period of time, at the end of which the official emoji page is created.

Emojis Design

The current emojis I made don't work in small sizes because they were not designed to be usable emojis. The new ones are going to be designed for that purpose by the contributors part of the Design Team.

Additional Content

Each new emoji page will only have a description and the proposal photos. To make the pages more "rich", contributors will be able to add pictures, videos, recipes and more. Each page will have a limited amount of photos, to encourage contributors to work on other emojis too.


As the number of emojis grow, it will be harder to find emojis and know where to start learning. This why curators will publish collections of emojis, in addition to the automatic ones to help newcomers to choose where to start.


Spaces will be groups with curated content based on regions or countries. They will help users to get updates about what's happening with emojis related to these countries: new proposals, recently added emojis and recent articles.

Contributions examples