One of the best ways to perform effective marketing is by creating informative videos that have the potential to reach a large audience. At Wevolver, we have shared thousands of videos that reached over a hundred million people over time. Based on that experience, and data, we know what works, and what doesn’t.

Videos enable you to display your technology in action.

Videos enable you to display your technology in action.

Most used topics

Obviously, there are many ways to create engaging content. The main type of videos we see on Wevolver cover these topics.

Before you start creating content, decide on what channels you will be publishing your content. Creating an informative video to add to an article can have a very different purpose than developing a viral social media video.

1: Informative video

The goal of this video is to explain a subject to people who are already engaged on a deeper level with your content. This is often a video that you would add to an article or case study. The engineer is already interested in your content and willing to invest their time reading it. Adding informative videos where you elaborate on the topic discussed in the article is a big plus. The video can be a talking head, presentation, or for example webinar and can be anywhere from two minutes up to an hour of more.

2: Social media video

The goal of this video is to get the attention of an engineer when they are active on social media. This video should instantly get the interest of the viewer and encourage them to watch the rest of the video. Ultimately, we want them to read the description of the video as well and get them to respond to a call-to-action (CTA), for example clicking through to an article, or case study.