Technology Researcher based in East Africa (and working internationally).

I research and consult on data and digital rights, digital feminist activism, technology facilitated VAW, online harms, platform governance , open source advocacy, and digital cultures. I am also a writer and artist-in-learning. I write, read and think in Dholuo, Kiswahili, English, German and Turkish.

What I Do

🧐 Research and Analysis

At the core of everything I do, lies research and analysis. I enjoy investigating and writing about how digital technologies affects society, as Zeynep Tufekci puts it: "Technology interacts with the fabric of society. It’s not just about the code or the pixels. Technology is related to it all."

πŸ’» Digital Content Creation

I specialise in creating compelling visual and written content that appeal to social media audiences. I also create digital products like e-books. You can hire me to design your social media content strategy or author your e-books and e-zines.

πŸš€ Futures Thinking

I am an innovative thinker who can examine situations and offer critical insights about future possibilities.

πŸ”Ž Complex Problem Solving

As a Global Challenges major, I studied several complex and systemic issues like poor governance, climate change and Gender Based Violence (GBV), learnt how to identify their root causes, understand their connecting systems, and design relevant sustainable solutions. I now use frameworks like Human Centered Design and Moonshot Thinking to design radical solutions towards global platform challenges like tech-facilitated violence.

πŸ‘ͺ Community Building ****

I believe in people coming together, sharing experiences and resources, and helping each other come up. I am looking to build a community of Gen Z African girls and women navigating career. Stay tuned...

Selected Writing ⌨️

Ideas | How harassment keeps women politicians offline in Uganda

Women are talking but Telegram is not listening