Take one of the empty blocks from the zoo. This is the habitat - where your new exhibit will be housed. Write all the exhibit's properties on an index card (with as few or as many details as you wish).

The back to My Grandparent's Weird Zoo!

Real Creature

Draw a card to get a real creature.

Real Creature

Element and Oddity

Draw a card. Its suit is the element, its number is the oddity.



Combine Everything

Take whichever feature that's most interesting to you, and build the creature around it. The features are prompts for your imagination - guidelines, not restrictions.

<aside> šŸ¦‚ I got a scorpion (10ā™¦), with Breeze, and it's really young or old (Jā™„)


<aside> šŸ¦‚ The "old" descriptor makes me think of a long beard, so I start with that. It's a big scorpion with a beard, and ... how to combine 'soft winds'? Well, maybe they dance through its beard. That's weird, but it makes me think of a really wide, big beard, more like a curtain really.


<aside> šŸ¦‚ So this is a Bugshmug, it's like a scorpion, but its tail is really wide and ends with a wide beard, falling over its main body as a sort of camouflage. And the Bugshmug can wield wind attacks using it!


<aside> šŸ¦‚ This creature isn't really "old", and doesn't have a lot of Breeze, but that doesn't matter. It's fun enough for me, and I can discover more about it during the game.


<aside> āœšŸ½ I write down the following on the habitat card (for me, it's enough because I remember the rest)

Bugshmug (Breeze) Wide tail with a long beard, for camouflage! 1 Wellbeing 1 Appeal


Name It and Draw It

Name the exhibit's species and/or give this specific specimen a personal name of your choice.

Then draw it! It doesn't have to be an amazing or complicated drawing. Just something nice that you'll like.

Name inspirations

Pitchgoofner, I choose you!!

Jungfritz, mental attack!!

Quibpob, you're my friend!

Lish, don't be afraid, you've got it!

Choochry, it's your time to shine!

Smaik, what's the matter?

Oplig, don't you worry 'bout a thing!

Bishop-Dishop, it's not your fault!

Hiroos, watch out!

Image inspirations

See the full gallery on Facebook, courtesy of Aviv Or.