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Who this document is for: people who need accessible and engaging content written about their projects or products. My strengths lie in wrapping complex concepts in a friendly and conversational tone. If that's what you need, please let's have a meeting. 🤝

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📝 Present day: a quick round-up of my recent work

I got made redundant right at the beginning of the pandemic, so I dived straight into freelance life. Here's a summary of what I've been doing over the last year.

NetWorthy: How to get budget and buy-in for tech ethics: I collaborated with Hattusia on this report. I got to interview some really interesting people in the tech ethics space, and helped build a comprehensive, practical set of tools for introducing tech ethics to your organisation.

Data & Insight at Turn2us: Turn2us are a charity who support those in financial hardship — most of their services are entirely digital, but there's no real data and insight strategy (yet). I worked with another consultant to conduct research and put together a report of recommendations and opportunities to get Turn2us on a path to a great strategy.