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What are we building? 🤌

The new IC Website will have two sections:

  1. Wrapper Application: We are deploying a new website created by the CDWG team to complement the existing indexcoop.com website.
  2. Core Application: We are updating the styling, and navigation of the existing website to match the complementary website.

The design can be found here. For the Wrapper Application, designs are under Website > High Wireframe. For the Core Application, designs are under Website > Maschinenraum (APP)

Which pages will be included?

How are we building it? 🔨

A complementary website (Wrapper Application) is being launched which will display informational/static content currently on indexcoop.com

All engineering heavy work will stay on the application currently at indexcoop.com (Core Application). This includes buying/selling, staking, and displaying more detailed product data like price charts.

Merging & Deploying

This repo will be used to manage the Wrapper Application codebase: https://github.com/IndexCoop/indexcoop.github.io. Whenever the Wrapper Application needs to be updated, contributors from CDWG, Growth, or BD can make PRs to that repo with the static files that need to be added/removed. The existing repo index-ui repo will be used to manage the Core Application codebase: https://github.com/SetProtocol/index-ui

We currently use Cloudflare to manage DNS for indexcoop.com. While we are testing the site, we will redirect beta.indexcoop.com to the Wrapper Application. The production website will remain on indexcoop.com. Once we are ready for the production deployment, we will redirect indexcoop.com to the Wrapper Application, and redirect app.indexcoop.com to the current Core Application. This is the final configuration.