As mentioned, due to market conditions, I don’t think it makes sense to do another public fundraise via Republic. We will do one once we are growing more predictably and can more aggressively grow the team (likely via new products).

This is another option for those who wish to double down on me and Gumroad in the meantime.


I am selling a portion of my common stock at a $100M valuation, which I believe is a fair price. Why is this at a lower valuation than above? Common stock has no liquidity preferences upon a sale, meaning that like me you will be the last to be paid out upon IPO or M&A. Also, the above SAFE was raised in August 2021, and the markets have shifted quite a bit since!

If you are interested, fill out this form.

One cool perk, because these are actual shares, will be digital stock certificates that will grant you access to my PoV as we ship (via Notion, Discord, etc):


Risk factors

(If these risk factors seem confusing to you–watch the video!)


Based on April: