<aside> 📌 We are absolutely thrilled to be working with you all over the coming months and years to help discover new ways of working, delve into issues, and deepen our collective understanding of the working with displaced communities 'across borders'.

As your Learning Coordinators, we're setting up a programme of activities to bring us all together, facilitate conversations, create resources and share learnings.

This shared website is a place for updates, disseminating resources and connecting with each other.

Our contact information is available here. [Reach out](<https://www.notion.so/f5852bf6582c45e49b48f1f9c9b152ad>) if you have any questions or ideas!

Tanya Murphy and Jacob Warn Across Borders Learning Coordinators


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<aside> 📌 Find out what events, webinars and workshops are coming up!


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The Learning Coordinator team