As an early stage founder "ship-ing" is one of the best things you can do to grow your company. This might be a software feature, change in go to market strategy, doing user interviews or anything else a founder needs to do to succeed. Shipping is about gaining momentum for your and momentum is the thing that keeps your startup going!

One of my goals has been to help founders be accountable for their momentum and getting the most out of every week. We can do this by talking about our strategies (before and after we execute them), asking "how would you do this", listening to experiences other founders have gone through and add a little social pressure with "Ship-It Mondays".

To make things more exciting we have a prize every week: ~$500/week should be good motivation to crush it. The goal isn't to get rich but to get the most out of your week and a little bit extra ($$) will push you over the hump :). Winnings are paid in ETH so this is a way for you to get familiar with crypto too!