TL;DR: This pulls data from the 80k job board, filters by software jobs (instead of just “engineering”), which removes ~75% of the jobs, and also provides you with further filtering capabilities. Hopefully, looking for a software job will feel a bit less like a research project.

More philosophy


TL;DR: We plan to build more stuff when we get feedback

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Where is this data from?

It imports the 80k job board public data

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Here’s the original data

Top next ideas

Pain point Solution
What does this company actually do? Hard to understand from their public website (especially for AI Safety companies) Add a link to the company’s AMA post, and their forum tag, if those exist
Job posts are out of date Add an option to add data about a post. For now, use the normal please
Add jobs from out of the 80k job board Such as the Twitter bot. Draft table

Maybe I’ll add jobs that I know will open soon (with permission of the org)?

Anything else? | | I’m not a software developer! | Make something like this for non-software jobs [waiting for feedback first, to see if this version is useful]

Workaround: Write your own filter | | It’s hard to apply! | (so much to do about this, especially if orgs will cooperate with us) |