Joana Rocha Marketing Manager "Offer me food and I'll love you"


**Collin Burke Marketing Director** "Anything is possible"


Katie Cavanaugh

Marketing Manager

"Keep it simple, stupid"

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Laura Ferzoco

Senior Business Development Representative

"I drink and I know things"

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Alex Tucci Business Development Representative "I love the rain"

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The team spend their time:

  1. Creating an energising narrative and strategic positioning that resonates with our ideal use cases and ultimately, focus on generating sales qualified leads.
  2. Product and brand marketing
  3. Creating videos, podcasts, display ads, ebooks, blogs, outbound email cadences, landing pages and much more.
  4. Implementing advertising campaigns and marketing analytics
  5. Finding ways to connect potential customers and brands
  6. Building marketing strategies
  7. Campaign management and performance
  8. Building automation processes ****for marketing and sales alignment
  9. Participating in awards and events
  10. Leading customer-proof projects
  11. Executing cold outbound outreach