Your listeners probably listen to your podcast while being busy doing something (cooking, running, walking with a pet, etc.). So most of them do not see your show notes at all. That is why you have to politely persuade them to click on the link and leave feedback for you. The best way is to make a call to action with the right words correctly. Let’s see how you can make your Call To Action more efficient and how to increase the number of interactions with your episode.

<aside> 👉 Disclaimer. You are the podcaster; of course, it’s up to you what words to choose. You know your audience better, and we are sure you can find the best way to reach your listeners. The below-given recommendations are based on successful cases of the podcasters who have already been using Galas and on observations made by the Galas team.



  1. Make sure your listeners know that they can leave you feedback. Tell them briefly in your episode’s call-to-action that they can interact with you from any app or platform.

  2. Offer your listeners a topic for discussion in the comments under your episode in Galas. Ask specific questions, and provoke the dialogue. Listeners are more willing to express their point of view on a particular topic. What will motivate you to interact: a specific question, “Follow the link and tell me whether you have ever seen whales. When and how did it happen?” or unspecified “If you want, leave me feedback by following the link”.

    Case example. 1. You have to be creative to encourage your listeners to take action. There’s the podcaster who tells in every episode two truths and one lie. And listeners have to guess what the lie was.

  3. Remember that your listeners are busy with something else while listening to your podcast. So it’s difficult or even impossible to type. Tell them that they can leave you voice messages.

  4. Add more motivation to interact with you. Tell your listeners that you answer all (or at least the best) comments. Our research showed that voice replies from podcasters work even better.

  5. There are two fields on your hosting: episode description and show notes. Be sure that you’ve pasted Galas link to both of them. Now, if the listeners didn’t see your link in the player, they can see it on the feedback page.

  6. Place your feedback Galas link in the first place. It increases the chances that the listener will interact with your episode.

  7. Use embedded feedback link to make it attractive. The listeners will feel more pleasant clicking on a button calling them to action like this:


    While it is easy to miss the link like this:


  8. If you do not know how to make a nice-looking embedded button, copy this: <a href="https://PASTE YOUR GALAS LINK HERE"><b>[💬 LEAVE COMMENT ]</b></a><br/>.

    Advice. Instead of "LEAVE COMMENT," you can write whatever text you want. You better know what'll work for your listeners. The only thing we kindly advise you is to be as straightforward as you can. And try to be short.

  9. We noticed that listeners are active at the show's beginning (when they still have a phone in their hands) and at the end (when they are looking for another podcast/episode to listen to). If this suits the format of your show, remind them to interact with you at least twice during the episode.

If you have other suggestions on how to make Call to Actions work better, share your ideas with us here in the comments. The best ones we will add to the list together with reference to you and your podcast.