Early Beta

Hi there! 🎙️investCast is in a very early beta and we’re making a lot mistakes each day. But it's going to be a great experiment !

As podcast lovers ourselves, we're building to change the way you listen to long form podcasts. We want you to listen less, listen smarter and learn new stuff more easily.

Machine Learning

We are two investment & engineering nerds that are trying to build a cool tool for ourselves, and hope you'll love it too. We are training our machine listening to thousands of hours of investment podcasts, so you don't have to.

Wouldn't it be nice that every you open your podcast player, you get to learn from some of the greatest (not latest) conversations ever.

Crypto Project

We are crypto native and passionate about web3. So what is it we that building here?

A community token (CAST) that's owned by podcast publishers, content contributors, developers and podcast users. A project that aims to share value and wealth.

We think audio contents on investment topics have a unique network value -- if someone makes great financial advice/educational content, users start to build very rapid and sticky trusts in that voice. Such trusts shouldn’t just stop at following on Twitter. Sharing the ownership of a community is a cool starting point into the web3 age.

The current token supply proposal is:

All tokens have been minted on day 1 (210 miliion tokens) and there’s no dilution in the future.