A recap of the Aave ecosystem, July 12th to July 18th 2021

Aave News: All systems rAAVE as new version nears

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Aave Grants DAO Update 🏗

Next call. The next AGD Community Call will be hosted on Twitter Spaces at 4pm UTC on Thursday, July 29th. Hopefully you can drop in! We are lining up some awesome guests from the community. More details on the agenda in the next Aave News.


State of the protocol 📰

Hello Boardroom. Thanks to support from AGD, @Boardroom_info has integrated Aave into their governance platform 🥳 The new integration allows users to explore key governance metrics, vote or delegate their voting power, and learn about the governance process.


For more performance metrics, Aave's own @A_BertoG drops a weekly breakdown of protocol performance on the governance forum, and Omni Analytics maintains a detailed Dune Dashboard for Aave.

Audit underway. Stani shared that the new version of Aave is currently under audit 👻 💪 For a sneak peak of what the new version will look like, see the Aavengers in the wild 🎙 section for Stani's response when asked about it this week, and check out what @The3D_ had to say about it during the second AGD Community Call


Ecosystem 🧉

(3, 3) 🤝 Aave. Following up the Water cooler 🆒 story from the July 5th Aave News, the Ohmies have arrived! With OIP-13 passing, $1 million DAI from the OlympusDAO treasury is now actively earning interest thanks to Aave. How long until aTokens become the standard for treasury management across DeFi?


Meme for money. The Aave Meme Contest is now live. Each week there is a new theme and the top three memes are awarded a total of $850. Follow @AAVEMemes to be the first to know the theme and to see the winners for each week.

Shout out to @PickyTrixie for the meme 🙌