Creating Worksheets

Let's create a worksheet together!

Model we will work with (Kinematics):

1. [ENGAGE] Make a "story" for the model. What's happening in this model?

ie: You hit a hockey puck with and watch it glide across the ice.

2. [EXPLORE] Find some way to encourage students to play around with the variables

ie: What would happen if we hit our hockey puck towards OUR goal? Set the initial-position to the middle (x = 0) and then apply a force of -10 N.

Have students going through your worksheet answer these questions!

3. [EXPLAIN] Provide variables for them to simulate.

Make sure you have enough so that they explore all aspects of the model!


Set the initial-velocity to 5m/s. Run the simulation. Draw out the graph.

Set the initial-velocity to -5m/s. Run the simulation. Have them draw out the graphs. etc.

4. [ELABORATE] Give them a "piece of information" and ask them what they think will happen (if) "Prediction"

Help them detach from the model and start making predictions of their own without running the simulation.

ie: If I start my simulation with a velocity of 3 and then a initial position of -1000, what do you think the graph will look like?

5. [EVALUATE] Assess how well they took in the information

ie: What do you think happened here?