to-report round-hundredth [n] report round (n * (1 / (10 ^ -2))) / (1 / (10 ^ -2)) end

Let's try one more example of how we can use mathematics!

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Often times in mathematics, we have abstracted things so far beyond its actual meaning..

What's similar? What's different?

The set of points that are equidistant
between a "focus" point and a 
"directrix" line.

$y = ax^2+bx+c$


$y = k(x-h)^2 + d$

Blank Model!

Let's practice writing our code more. We're going to do a lot more breakout rooms and then try to write it out together. Let's get our setup and go procedures up and running.

Create buttons for setup and go as well. Make sure you clear the screen. Set all patches to white.

Making a Plan

Our model will look like this: