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Oh, are we live?

<aside> 🎉 The next IAB is 10-26, and there's an announcement next week!


VoD can be found here:

Inside a Blaseball Episode #7 - September 23, 2021

Questions start at 21:49


EM - Elena Murphy BD - Bria Davis JC - Joel Clark (He/him) CD - Cory Davis SR - Sam Rosenthal (He/him) SB - Stephen Bell

(Unattributed lines are either continuations of the prior answerer or group summary lines)

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Misc Notes

The perfect Mario movie was released in 1993. Stephen thinks Sonic should have human teeth.

In Closing

Next IAB is October 26! We have an announcement next week.


hello? sorry sam got excited... did you like the stream stephen says "hi mom" okay well that was fun uh did you hear that? [static noises]

stay tuned for an update next week 👁️✍️⚡🎙️

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