Delivering transparency and confidence to our customers is our priority: we work on your behalf to maximise the flow of climate finance to high-impact carbon reduction. Transparently publishing our performance is the best way to deliver for you and build trust.

Our Performance Pie below shows the breakdown of our current spending as an organisation. So, at the moment, for every pound spent, we send 80 pence towards the costs of securing carbon offset credits on behalf of our customers, 2 pence towards marketing and overheads, 4 pence for people costs, and 14 pence is left on our balance sheet.

VCUs Spend🌳🍃

We are delighted with our progress so far, in the past 18 months we have offset the equivalent over 50,000 tonnes of CO2 (as of August 2021). The projects we have supported so far include:

All of these projects are part of the Verified Carbon Standard, the world's most widely used voluntarily used Greenhouse Gas Programme. We are proud to help our customers support these projects, and we continually scope high-quality carbon projects that we can bring on board.

Overheads & Marketing 🛍️💻

We are determined to keep these types of costs down and remain lean. Our focus is on delivering products and services to a high standard, on time, and transparently. Our delivery is based on the quality of our team and is not contingent on equity or debt financing, fancy subscription costs, hosting expensive events and flying out to places (all costs that would just be passed on to you, our customers, anyway).

We work remotely across 4 time zones, we communicate over Discord and we manage our workflows in Notion. Offsetra works today, how we see much of society in the Net Zero world: clean, efficient and digital.

Our incredibly low spend on overheads & marketing is fantastic performance given the progress and growth we've made in the 12 months. Our aim is to keep these costs as low as possible as we continue to grow: customers shouldn't be paying for bad corporate habits through the money they are sending to carbon offset projects!

Staff Costs 👩🏽‍🦱🖊️

For the time being, the Offsetra team are not paid for their work. It's a passion project that we fund through love!

Last year we brought on our intern, Rafaella, into the team. She's been a fantastic help to the company, raising the profile of our work, getting us on podcasts, and generally being awesome! This is our main staffing spend.

We have also made a couple of payments to our co-founders who put in some capital initially to get Offsetra off the ground, which is why our 'people' costs are a little higher than in our previous statement.