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About Us

Welcome to the Lander open organization homepage. This is our company intranet, here you'll see how we work, how we talk to ourselves and how we treat our clients. It's public and searchable so feel free to explore. Lander is an engine of economic and cultural growth in the communities and companies we serve. Lander is a brand that functions as a unifying identifier for various projects, primarily Lander Media, our marketing & production services, and Lander Foundation, our event & community building services.

Who We Are

Think of Lander as the Chamber of Commerce & Biggest Research University in outer space. We're based on the moon, but for now we operate out of Colorado because our research team is confident that it's the best place on earth. We're re-working the design for the lunar office at the moment.

We offer a variety of products and services to stakeholders of all kinds. We make ads for clients. We make events for attendees. We make videos for our online course students. Everything we do is public, searchable, and online, except some client work where it's in progress or under NDA.

What We Do

We put videos and pictures we make in front of eyeballs we find, and if we're lucky those eyeballs were already looking for that stuff. We run ads, we help craft stories.

We do this in such a way that it prints money because people learn about stuff they've always wanted to buy to make their lives better. It's a lot of fun. Professionally, it's called "marketing" or "advertising" but you may already do it in your life as "catching up with friends" and "getting drinks." Same thing really.

This is all just a fancy way of saying we're online media professionals. We make stuff you can sit back and watch that makes your life better, easier, makes you think about the world differently, and we design ways for groups of people to be together and communicate that make life more fulfilling etc. blah blah blah (we also try not to take ourselves too seriously tbh)


Internal Projects

Lander Media

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Private Client Projects

These are hidden from public view but visible if you're logged into our project management software Notion as one of our clients. Else, you can check out our example project:

Astronaut Training Client Template


Public Work


Public Communications

Lander Team Update - 04/2020

Maybe we should start a blog, huh?