a systematic process reviewing a ‣ one page at a time.

it can happen online, asynchronously or during a meeting (face-to-face or over phone/video)

if over the phone/video, it is helpful to screenshare (though not required)


  1. to check in where our collaboration is at
    1. what did we create together? what is it useful? what isn’t useful?
    2. what were the challenges?
    3. what really worked? what didn’t work?
    4. what is supportive of the process? what gets in the way?
    5. what did we discover that lights us up? how can we have more of this?
    6. where do we go from here?
    7. is this something we want to keep doing together? if so, is there anything we are going to do differently that might make a difference?
    8. do we feel free to things down if that’s how one of us feel?
    9. any specific requests?
  2. to clean up loose ends
  3. to complete unresolved discussions (see also Multi-level Conversations)