Please notice that we do not recommend installing Leadfriday Chat via Google Tag Manager, because any issues on GTM’s service will affect the chat widget as well. If you have any other possible installation method of direct code insertion on the footer or header of your website, please use the other method instead.

If you have Google Tag Manager installed on your website, you can install Leadfriday directly from Google Tag Manager’s platform in a very quick and simple way, using GTM as the middleman for injecting Lead Friday's code on your website.

To install Leadfriday Chat on your website via Google Tag Manager, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access the Google Tag Manager panel and go to Workspace -> Overview -> Add a new tag.


Step 2: Click to choose a tag type and select “Custom HTML”.


Step 3: Insert a name for the tag you’re creating, paste the Leadfriday installation code in the “HTML” field, and checkmark the option “Support document. Write”.

The Leadfriday Chat code is available in the Leadfriday Web App in the Installation section:

Settings —> Channels —> Select channel and get the code. If a chatbot is assigned to a channel it will work automatically without any manual settings needed. You’ll need a Leadfriday Chat account in order to access the code.

LeadfridayPosts (5).png

Step 4: Scroll down and click to choose a trigger to fire the tag to your website.

LeadfridayPosts (4).png