Crafting a UX vision for Wikifunctions, a multilingual, open source platform where developers and non-developers can write collaboratively write code.


I joined the Foundation to work on Abstract Wikipedia, a project aiming to transfer knowledge between the over 300 language wikis, so that they can benefit from each other's unique databases. My life's mission is to contribute my skills as a technologist and a designer towards creating a more just and equitable society. This project seemed aligned with that mission.

Step one of the vision towards Abstract Wikipedia is Wikifunctions, a platform for our global developer community to write functions that can generate natural language in the over 300 languages of the wikis.

I was the first designer to join this team of engineers. They did not have a product manager either. Over the course of a year, I did the following:

Product strategy

My design co-lead and I created a questionnaire to guide our Project Lead in defining the product vision. We tried to define what Wikifunctions was, was not, who it’s for, key activities or actions performed on the platform, how it connects to Abstract Wikipedia, its potential impact, and the ecosystem in which it will exist.