Hi! We are super excited to launch Spark. Spark uses 1-on-1 voice conversations to pair people with similar interests—in real-time.

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😵 The Problem — Technology, social platforms, and societal changes are causing people to feel more distant and lonelier—negatively impacting our emotional well-being, health, and economy. Research shows we form deeper connections over voice but existing social media merely aggregates people and focuses on consumption of information. Moreover, other platforms require planning on both sides—but who wants a calendar event to meet someone?


👍 Our Solution — Spark is an app where people play with and create new ideas and opinions with each other. You meet someone who bikes the same trails as you. You find your next business partner who happens to live next door. You find someone who might know more about craft beer than you.

Spark lets you choose from a few curated prompts and hop into a fun audio conversation to riff with one other person. Download it & let us know what you think!

Thank you! Dean, Scott, and Chris