Faction Abilities


🐗 Beast Unlocking

Cost: 🐚500 Shells

For 500 Shells, your Faction Leader can unlock a new Beast of their choosing for your entire Faction! These Beasts remain unlocked as playable characters for the entirety of the event.

🍗 Roasted Curse

Cost: 🐚300 Shells [⚠️Increases by 🐚 100 each use]

Cooldown: 8 hours


When buying the Roasted Curse, your Faction Leader chooses another Faction to place the Curse. When a Faction is roasted, all members earn half as many Shells as Battle Rewards in Beast Brawl, and have their Faction icon replaced with a Roasted Turkey emote in Discord. The only way to remove the Roast is to move the curse to a new Faction! After the curse is placed, it cannot be moved to a new faction for a minimum of 8 hours. All purchases by Faction leaders take effect on a first come first serve basis. Each time the curse is placed, it becomes more expensive, so use it strategically.

⚠️ If a winning Faction ends Season 2 with the Roasted Curse, their Rewards and their Leader’s rewards will be reduced in half! ⚠️

🐚 2x Shell Multiplier

Cost: 🐚300 Shells (⚠️Increases by 🐚100 each use)

Duration: 1 Hour