You can track your client's engagement through our Points Leaders tab by allocating a point value for each activity they complete.

<aside> 👉 Note: Points Leaders tracks a client's engagement (ie: how many activities they complete), while the Performance Leaderboard tracks a client's progress over time with a specific activity (ie: the weight a client lifts for bench press).


  1. View Client Points
  2. Adjust a Point Value on an Activity
  3. FAQs

View Client Points/

  1. Navigate to the Points Leaders tab
  2. View each clients' Point Value

Adjust a Point Value on an Activity

  1. Navigate to your Skill Development, Strength & Conditioning, or Education Materials library
  2. Click the Down Arrow on an activity
  3. Click the Pencil icon
  4. Input a number in the Point Value input
  5. Click Save