The ultimate resource pack for hackers participating in The Graph bounties

🎓 The Graph: Our Education Mission

The Graph aims to support the next generation of dapp developers in harnessing the power of blockchain data to bring a superior experience for their users.

If you are building a dapp to contribute to the foundation of the decentralised future, here’s why you using The Graph to build subgraphs to power your next dapp with blockchain data:

  1. Subgraphs bring the world’s data to your fingertips by serving as an API layer that sits between your UI & data layer
  2. Dapps need indexed application data for robust UI/UX. Subgraphs are the de-facto standard for serving blockchain data to your dapps in a decentralised & efficient way
  3. You can perform complex queries on blockchain data like joins, filtering, sorting, pagination, etc. & query it from your frontend
  4. Proprietary indexing servers are cost & resource heavy; not to mention error-prone and centralised. The Graph decentralised network is an open & transparent network of participants making data accessible to developers

🏆 The Graph Bounties

As a hacker, you can participate in two main categories of bounties offered by The Graph: