Role: Product


🤔 What did you do before you came to Zetl?

I started my career working as a Fullstack developer for a local company where we provide IT solutions for hospitals in the Philippines.

I worked remotely ever since and got to work with people from all over the globe. I really enjoy hearing different accents!

☺️ Anything you’re proud of/achievements in your time so far here?

Working as the Frontend Lead for Zetl, I am constantly learning that building a great product not only relies on a team's code proficiency but especially on everyone's ability to empathize with the customer - learn their pain points, understand their motivations, and see where we can improve our service.

👏 Why did you decide to join Zetl?

It feels great to be able to support a company helping small businesses thrive during these hard times. I also love that in Zetl personal growth is encouraged but never forced. We get to set our own goals at our own pace and that for me makes the process more intentional and organic.