You can think of UVDB and GAPC as two separate structures - UVDB for organizing vehicles, GAPC for organizing parts. GAPC parts link to UVDB vehicle definitions, and configs, to provide accurate fitment.


UVDB simply provides a good structure for linking to parts. When creating software, marketplaces, or even internal systems, this is a good scalable foundation. There are a few key aspects of UVDB.

UVDB - A deeper explanation


GAPC is a global parts catalogue. It stores and structures information relating to parts in a well-defined, scalable way. Global translations, and multi-continent distribution is available via the "i18n" resource.

GAPC - A deeper explanation


There are two types of fitment

There are two types of fitment, depending on what you want to do, how accurate you want your fitment, how simple your integration is, and which 3rd parties/marketplaces you want to interact with.

Fitment - Defined vs config fitment

Connecting it all together

The following diagram summarizes how UVDB and GAPC relate (Use Ctrl + Scroll, or the "+" and "-" in the bottom right to zoom in)