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🤔 Wtf is going on?

Well, we can’t wait around for change, we have to get in the game. Allyship & Action doesn’t want anyone to feel sidelined in their equity work; we all have a role to play in elevating protected classes. Allyship & Action has tentpole activations that need leadership and the industries support. Each tentpole activation has an #AllyshipArmy Project Pod volunteering to bring the project and impact to life.

🧐 Wtf is this?

Project Pods are cohorts of #AllyshipArmy professionals across various creative capacities managing and executing against an Allyship & Action Project.

You can apply to a Project Pod by reviewing the brief and applying to a department, or to become part of the A&A evergreen team. The project pod application can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Not every project has compensation available.

Click here to view the Project Pod Application in your browser.

🤨 Who tf are you?

We are a community-based organization that uses its platform to help amplify voices, hold space for accountability and bring all people to the table together. We are always looking to grow our “Allyship Army” with unique creative voices.

📚 Open Briefs