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Are you a contributor looking to submit proposals and get funded by DAOs and community leaders? Find a community here and submit your proposal today at **proposal.new.**

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If you’re a DAO leader, grants manager, or community manager looking to attract contributors and ideas, **DM us on Twitter or email us on staff@station.express** with your Safe or wallet address. Once the Station Staff has reviewed your address, you’ll be informed and added to this list.


About Station

Station is building rails for decentralized contributions and collaborations. From day one, Station has been committed to building products that transport a new class of workers to participate in the crypto economy. Proposals are a universal expression of intent for high-commitment, high-quality contribution to DAOs. They are the building blocks of an organization, the same way that legal agreements and databases form the scaffolding of a corporation. We set out to build a tool that empowers anybody to submit meaningful proposals and enables organizations to seamlessly manage their talent and project pipeline.

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