What's 3% of $123? In £? Invested at 7% after 3 years? No more guessing!

Raycast solves your complex math expressions and supports time zones, unit conversions, dates, and currency – including crypto. The best thing is, it understands your natural language!

Get Started

The Calculator is a special command – it's always available in the root search – just type any expression. You'll see your expression displayed on the left, and the answer on the right.


A few more examples of what Raycast understands

→ Convert units and currencies like a breeze. For example, type '10ft in m' or '5 btc in gbp'

→ Get the % between two different values. For example, type '52% of 900'

→ Check the time of your teammates in different timezones. For example, type '5pm ldn in sf' or 'time in tokyo'

→ Get the date for your next event: *'*monday in 3 weeks'

→ Find out how many days are left for the quarter: 'days until 31 Mar'







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