Squad Focus - April 2022

<aside> ✨ *Research, define, design and implement RADAR’s definition of ‘Inclusive Futures’ across all touch points, to enhance projects and product design, and as a working model for Web3.

Our first step is to slow down and create an explicit space for consulting community members who have these insights to contribute and shape meanings of 'futures’*


<aside> 🔥 Disclaimer: *We don’t know what the answers will be, we don’t know the shape it will take, but we do know it will challenge our linear and often western-centric views of what futures means, our research processes and inclusivity principles across web3.

We invite you in to be part of that conversation as we explore it together.*


Evergreen Docs Reference

<aside> ✨ RADARs Inclusive Futures Key Terms


<aside> ✨ 3. Inclusive Education


<aside> ✨ / Inclusive Futures Charter


Launch Questions

What is our working concept of Inclusive Futures?

The Squads priorities are to;

Just some of the questions are we asking

How to help...

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