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This page lists a few details about the Database, as this has been requested by a few users. The origin of this initiative was started from the several sources available on the web that had started listing companies retreating, unfortunately most of them did not provide with sources of information, and they were missing important information. Particularly, I tries to have a view of the possible impact of employees in Russia and Belarus, following the HR focus of this initiative.

So here explained how the database is structured.

Company Decision

Type of Decision Explanation
Banning Participation Banning of participation of Russian entities from events or competitions.
Divestment Decision to divest in Russia, from example from a Joint Venture.
Exclude from Network Decision to exclude a Russian entity from a network of firms that normally share a collective global brand.
Exit Russia Decision to exit Russia completely.
Partial Suspension Decision to adapt suspension of business depending on product, service or business line. Where available details are given in the notes.
Remove Products from Russia Decision to stop selling & importing products from Russia. Applicable to retailer, but also to wholesale operations (e.g. companies that stopped importing Oil from Russia).
Suspend Deliveries Decision to suspend deliveries to Russia.
Suspend Monetary Flows Decision to suspend flows of money to Russia.
Suspend New Business Decision to suspend new business opportunities or new investment in Russia. Normally this means that service to existing clients is continued.
Suspend Operations Decision to pause all current operations in the country, normally closing offices and pausing service and production.
Suspend Partnership Decision to suspend collaboration or partnership agreements with Russian legal entities.
Suspend Sales Decision to suspend sales of products or services.
Suspend Service Delivery Decision to suspend service delivery to Russian clients, this might extend to SaaS, but also in case of corporate services towards master franchisee in the country.

We are not taking a stance on the type of decision that is being taken by the different companies, also because often there is a lack of specification of why the decision is being taken. Considering also the complexity of announcing the decision to Employees in Russia and Belarus, this list is provided especially to support HR Professionals in understanding what others are doing.

Below there is an article that examines the complexity of navigating these choices.

The Intentional Organisation - Issue #34 - Intentional Actions and the War

Decision Base

As of March 28, 2022 a new field has been added to the database, to check the basis on which the company has taken the decision. This should help contribute to the discussion of “purpose-led” vs. other types of decisions. Note, the field will be retroactively filled over the next week. Also note that it will be filled in solely when the company declares its main motive in official statements.

Decision Base Explanation
Company Purpose In case the company made a direct reference to its purpose.
Company Values In case the company made a direct reference to its corporate values.
Current Situation In case the company generally refers to the “current situation” in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
Employee Safety In case the company refers to Employee Safety as the main reason.
Sanctions In case the company refers to Economic Sanctions as the main reason.
Supply Chain Disruptions In case the company refers to Supply Chain Disruptions as the main reason.
Support for Ukraine In the case the company generally refers to Support for Ukraine in its statements.
Sustainability Practices In case decision is taken in adherence to general Sustainability practices or policies.

Employee Data

Not all companies release information about their employee base in the country. In some cases we have been able to recover the information from other sources. In some other cases we are using LinkedIn as a source of data, knowing it is more accurate for certain industries and job levels. In other cases and estimation is provided (for example, for some retailers we have data about number of stores...).

<aside> 👉 Note: we try to find out the amount of employees that might be impacted by the choice. In many cases where there is a local partnership in place (such as in the case of franchising agreements), the employees are not “technically” employed by the brand that is discontinuing operations, but still impacted by the decision.


Employee Action

Employee Action Explanation
Company continue to Pay When company has announced it will continue to pay employees.
Currently not impacted When employees are not directly impacted by the business decision (e.g. in case of Suspension of New Business), although there could be impacts.
Evaluating Options Company has not reported options and is studying choices.
Relocation Company is offering relocation support to its Russian employees to move abroad.
Severance Options Company has decided to close down and has started severance process.