Illuvium Dev Blog - Sep 2022


Illuvium: Arena 伊鲁维奥:竞技场

Releasing PB2 (Arena 0.2.0) was a significant milestone with a great reception. The feedback has been helpful so far (even the negative) so keep it up. In the background were many optimisations, most not making it into 0.2.0 or even 0.2.1, but we expect them to be ready soon. We’ve recently added a few big brains to the team that have done a fantastic job ensuring that the code is maintainable and extensible. Over time people will appreciate how important that is. The bug rate was high but has dropped precipitously, allowing more time to add more incredible features. We get closer and closer every day to achieving our goal of the first-ever cinematic-quality auto battler.

发布PB2 (Arena 0.2.0)是一个重要的里程碑,受到了很大的欢迎。到目前为止,反馈是很有帮助的(即使是负面的),所以保持下去。在后台进行了许多优化,大多数都没有进入0.2.0甚至0.2.1,但我们预计它们很快就会准备好。我们最近在团队中增加了一些天才,他们在确保代码的可维护性和可扩展性方面做得非常好。随着时间的推移,人们会意识到这是多么的重要。漏洞率虽然很高,但已经急剧下降,这让我们有更多时间去添加更多不可思议的功能。我们越来越接近我们的目标,我们的第一部电影质量的汽车战斗。

Highlights 摘要

Note: Patch 0.2.2 probably won’t arrive in October, but if you have a low-end machine, the wait is worth it.