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This page gives an overview of the Integration Evaluation initiative and lists and reports each project we are evaluating for possible integration with Aragon and visa versa.

One assumption we are making is developing proposals and working within the community is a core value of Aragon dTech. Other programs such as Aragon Experts build Aragon’s product line through more outward and targeted-efficiency-attracting approaches - bringing 3rd party developers in to the community to build their businesses while assisting others. This extends the developer network while also protecting our product team from constant asks. This also provides a much needed mechanism for groups who have sufficient funding to hire teams and accelerate their visions without waiting for the crowd to pivot.

On the other hand, Aragon dTech is uniquely positioned as the eyes and ears of our community. dTech focuses on projects and workflows that showcase the value of Aragon technology more broadly, and often with little to no coding required. Tools such as Otoco (ricardian contracts) and Wallid relate to best practices generally, while “integrations” such as Raincards represent an answer that many of our users ask regularly: “how do I get my money?”. As everyone in our community tends to agree Aragon is a piece of the puzzle. dTech is here to facilitate community technical needs, dogfood workflows, and promote best practices which places Aragon as a central player amongst professional and recognizable organizations in the space.

Many integration projects take time to research, develop and review especially as proposals are created for community consideration. To that end, dTech has been the custodian of two relatively large proposals: dGov and EVM CRISPR. Both were developed with focused assistance from the dTech team and highlighted the core relevance and need for integration evaluations in the Aragon Network. EVM CRISPR specifically has released three version code updates and has been included in many development projects in the web3 community such as Chelo Lending Pools. The integration evaluation initiative allows us to support each other and build Aragon as a fundamental developer-centric product in the space.

Table updated 5th August.

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