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Application submitted on May 27, 2021

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Genre: Jazz

Detail where you are in your career, and provide an overall strategy/plan for growth in the coming year. Describe your challenges, ambitions, and where you hope to be after your Artist Development Year. (2000 character limit)

Through my next year of content marketing, I plan to grow my customers from 120 to 600. I will release eight jazz guitar trio tracks in that time.

My first 120 customers came from writing last year. Across multiple websites, I wrote about music business from an artist's view. I did it while releasing a jazz quartet album, three EPs, and singles.

My customers so far are mostly musician-listeners. They keep in touch via email if they enjoy my writing. And if my music inspires them, they pay me to show support.

Of these 120 customers, 60 of them paid for tickets to 2020 concerts, hearing me at two Vancouver venues. Another 50 paid for my music either on CD or download. The final ten pay for monthly subscriptions to all my best work.

My biggest challenge is obscurity. It comes with my tactics—I value owned content above all. Avoiding most social media, I write every day and publish on my websites four days a week. The diligence that I need for this writing regimen is a challenge unto itself.

When I have strayed from these tactics, I have suffered. Canadian jazz has thousands of musician-listeners who have not yet heard me; to try reaching them, I paid for a publicist. I led an expensive album campaign, accruing costs that didn't match my nascent audience.

My key hypothesis is that my quartet music has not had a high enough quality. Consider my writing: people share it when they find it useful or fun. What makes jazz musician-listeners share my music? High quality.

My ambition is to raise quality across frequent music releases. This has worked for me in recent months. Two of my EPs—Quartet Reunion and *12th Street Quintet—*earned support from community radio, playlist curators, and Spotify editorial.

I recently started a guitar trio and recorded it for one day, making four new tracks. The music sounds more straightforward, swinging, and lively than the cerebral quartet.

It’s now time for me to book a second day to record this trio, getting to eight total tracks.

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