The best thing you can do in Costa Rica is the bioluminescence night kayaking. I’m not exaggerating. Two things in this world have truly inspired awe for me: the Aurora Borealis and the bioluminescence.

Bioluminescence is an algy that lights up when moved. That means that every stroke of the kayak, every touch of the water, even every rain drop, streaks light through the water. The light often changes color as well, at times shining blue, and at other points shining green. It is a phenomenal experience. You can even swim in the bioluminescence.

While there are many options, we booked this tour on Airbnb and had a fantastic experience. Our guides were amazing and everything was extremely professional and passionate.

Can I go in the rain?

Yes. It’s warm, so you won’t be cold. The rain drops create a magnificent display. Cloudy weather is ideal as the darker it is, the brighter the bioluminescence.

Do I have to book ahead?

We scheduled it the day of, but it was also during May, which was less busy. I would recommend scheduling at least a day before.

Where is it located?

It is located in Paquera, which is about 1:20 hours from Santa Teresa, and about an hour from Montezuma.

How much does it cost?

It cost us $33 / per person + tips for the guides (which aren’t required, but recommended). The whole thing takes about 1:15 hours.

Any other tips?

Bring clothes that you’re comfortable getting wet and comfortable kayaking in. I brought a rain jacket, but there was no need. You stay plenty warm when kayaking.