Responsive web design Uplifting the member portal experience


Lead Designer


3 months


2 Designers, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Developers




How might we encourage portal usage and advocate for positive health choices?


<aside> 👁️ This is the product for users to see their Health Check results and track the changes over time. The Portal also offers tools that help users improve their health indexes, such as 'SiSU Health Score' and health planners and programs. However, the Portal as a product itself is almost unknown to users.


The Brief

<aside> 🗣 The goal of uplifting the SiSU Health Portal is to increase user engagement, and to design an intuitive product that meets user needs.


The Outcome(s)

<aside> ✨ Visual uplift of Portal with new branding.


<aside> ⚙ Built SiSU Health Design System


<aside> 🌱 New features: Goals and Health Profile - designed and ready for development.


<aside> 🌐 View the live site (account required).