Role: Marketing Intern

Alvin joined Zetl in 2022 as a Marketing intern in his last year of his undergraduate studies. He was working closely with the Marketing team in Hong Kong. Alvin was always taking the initiatives and always trying to improve himself. We were so grateful to have him with us and he successfully got a full-time job with Zetl at the end of his internship! 👏

🎯 What are three words you would use to describe our culture?

Flexible, Free, Supportive

⭐ What was the best thing about working here?

Work with people who are passionate about their work, and won't mind if you have no experience or relative background. Just ask and you will get the help.

🚀 How has working here helped you prepare you for your career?

Working in such environment improved my English communication skills and some hard skills to add value to the company

🔮What was one thing that was different to what you expected from your internship?

I can have my own opinion and idea on how things can be done. Not just fully follow on what my boss told me to do.

⚖️ Why do you want to stay in Zetl as a full-time employee?

People in Zetl being very nice to me is definitely one of the reasons. Also, I can see that Zetl is growing fast and has a lot of potentials. Would be great for me to grow with the company together.

❤️ Is there any assistance within the company when dealing with the difficulties on tasks?

Sure there is. For example, when my senior, Sam, asked me to do some research, she would also give me some of the keywords, main points and a direction that how i can initiate on. In Zetl, you will always get the help if you just ask. Also, a colleague, Arthur explained very patiently to me on how the products are and how the business trend is going as well. I am so glad to receive such love in Zetl!