This research is done as part of the design assignment at 10kdesigners Masterclass. The purpose is to develop an understanding of how 'desi parents' (35+) uses WhatsApp. And thereby finding their behavioural, usage patterns that can be distilled down into insights.

1️⃣ Primary Research

📝 User Survey

🗣️ Interview

👱🏻 Persona

Sanjay Aher

Age - 54

Occupation - Government Employee - Teacher

Location - Nashik

Familiarity with technology - | //////____ | 6/10

Average Time Spent - 1 to 2 hours

✍️ User Story

Using WhatsApp from 5 years. Started using it because his work demanded it. Uses most of the features without being aware of what it is called. Mostly participate in group chats. And has more than 15 groups.

"WhatsApp is the soul of the smartphone"

😕 Frustration

🖱️Most Used feature